Nazila Safavi

Telecommunications consultant and instructor of Information Technology, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering courses and subjects. 

Nazila Safavi has a PhD in the field of Information Technology Management.  Her undergraduate studies in Computer Science were conducted at the Oxford Brooks University, Oxford, England. She has earned her MS in Telecommunications at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.

Safavi is serving on the adjunct faculties of University of California, Los Angeles and University of California, Irvine Extended School and National University. She has also been a member of advisory committee and program and course developer at these universities.

Safavi is a recognized expert in Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering related subjects. Her work has been published in the academic and practitioner journals. She has published a few scholarly articles. Her work is presented in several academic seminars and conferences.

In addition, Safavi has wide-ranging practical experience. She has served to some of the world's leading Wireless and Telecommunication firms. Safavi specializes in the construction of Code Division Multiple Access as well as other Wireless Communication areas.

Safavi received a scholarship from Oxford Brooks University in 1992. This award is usually given to the person that is most likely to establish a new area of research.

Safavi successfully conducts a series of online seminars, has earned a number of awards, and has several publications achievements.